Wedding Favours
Candy Table
Treat your guests with a delicious variety of imported and/or Mexican candies and sweets. $12 USD per person, minimum 20 guests. Scoops and glass vases for candy included in price as well as Paper bags.
$ 12 USD
Colorful Sombrero Magnet
Colorful Clay Sombrero Magnet. Perfect as a wedding Favor, available in assorted colors. Measurements: 3? Wide. (Price per magnet)
$ 5 USD
Gift Certificate
This is a very convenient way of thanking your guests for joining you in this memorable event. Gift Certificates start at $50 USD and can be redeem towards merchandises or services at the hotel.
Habanero Chile Sauce
Habanero chile Sauce (4 fl. oz. (120ml) each.
$ 3 USD
Hand Crafted Yucatecan Beer "Patito"
Yucatecan Hand Crafted beer, high quality and rebel, 6 varieties available. Minimum Purchase 24 beers either can or bottle of each type. please contact your wedding designer for more details. Price per bottle or can of 355 ml.
See PDF List
$ 5 USD
Hangover kit for Wedding Guests
Fun 4 x 6 Inch Hangover Kit Bags. Includes 2 bottles of water, (2) Tylenol two-tablet packet, Pepto-Bismol BXPB25 Tablets, Two-Pack, Wrigley's Doublemint Chewing Gum pack, 2 Alka- Seltzer two-table packet. Includes room delivery.
$ 16 USD
In-Room floral arrangement, Endless Romance
$ 129 USD
In-Room floral arrangement, Paradise Bliss
$ 99 USD
Specific colors such as pastel, gold, etc. /or certain image and / or wording in specific colors too available with an extra charge and subjected to availability, please check with your Wedding Designer.
$ 4 USD
Mariachi Miniature Hat.
Assorted colors available, perfect for a wedding souvenir! 6 inches diameter, 2 inches tall.
$ 6 USD
Memorial Necklace
$ 25 USD
Mexican Mercado Market Tote
This is a colorful traditional Mercado Bag in Mexico.

These are great wedding favors made from recyclable plastic mesh, perfect for your family and friends trip to the beach, poolside, etc. They are made in Mexico and measure approx. 15 inches wide by 15 inches high. Colors and designs will vary.
$ 15 USD
Mexican Sarape
These woolen shawls are traditional in Mexico and make for a nice souvenir.
$ 30 USD
Mexican Sombrero
Available in various colors. Price each
$ 49 USD
Mexican Themed Magnets
Colorful Mexican Themed Magnet. Perfect as a wedding Favour, available in assorted colors. Measurements: 3 inches Wide. (Price per magnet)
$ 5 USD
Mexican Vanilla Blend
120 ml / 4.0 FL OZ. If we talk about the origin of Vanilla we talk about history. Everyone knows it, but few know that is of Mexican origin. From Papantla, Veracruz Vanilla was guarded by the Totonac until the arrival of the Spaniards themselves who were responsible for spreading the taste around the world.

This formula contains natural Mexican vanilla extract as a main ingredient, which in unison to other components, guarantees its user a superior vanilla aroma and flavor. Mexican Vanilla Blend is a great souvenir for your wedding guests!
$ 6 USD
Nut Cookies
Cellophane small bag of 10-12 pecan puff powdered sugar cookies. (Price per bag)
$ 5 USD
Rice Paper bag filled with Rose Petals
Rice paper cups filled with Rose petals to throw at the Bride and Groom. Its presentation may vary; the cups measure 14.5x20 cm.
$ 7 USD
Rose Petals paper cones
Minimum purchase of 10 paper cones filled with petals. up to 2 colors of rose petals. Presented at your event in a wooden basket.
$ 5 USD
Send off wands
Send off wands with delicate satin ribbon, white lace and mini bell, to welcome / bid farewell to wedding couple at ceremony and or dinner reception. Ribbon available in different colors. minimum purchase of 25 send of wands. Aprox measure 12 inches long. Price per piece.
$ 3 USD
Talavera Ceramic Shot Glass
Handmade Mexican Art, colors and designs will vary.

3 "H x 2" Diameter - Hold approx. 2 liquid oz. Expect minor specking and minor imperfections.
$ 12 USD
Tequila Bottle
Tequila bottle Miniature 50 ml. (please check availability with your Wedding Designer) Price Each
$ 8 USD
Welcome Bags for Guests
WELCOME BAG made of Kraft paper which includes (2) bottles of water, (2) Tylenol two-tablet packet, (2) packets of Pepto-Bismol BXPB25 Tablets, (2)Two-Pack, Wrigley's Doublemint Chewing Gum pack, (2) Alka- Seltzer two-table packet, (1) Aloe Vera Tube of .75OZ, (1) Purell hand sanitizing gel 1OZ. (1) Banana Boat SPF 30 tube of 1 OZ and (2) flamingo plastic koozie floatie for beverages. Includes room delivery.
$ 29 USD

The tradition of favors began in the French Royal Court in 1700 and consisted of giving a small box to each person who attended a special event. These boxes generally contained five sugar-coated almonds, representing the wishes of the host for the fertility, happiness, health, longevity and wealth of the guests.

You can also thank your guests for having accompanied you during the most special event of your life. We have gathered a selection of beautiful and original gifts that will be appreciate for a long time.

If you prefer so, you can also buy Gift Certificates, starting at $100, that your guests may redeem for services in the hotel Spa.

Our products and services pricing include All Local and State Taxes, Delivery, set up and pick up rental items fees.

Tropical flowers selection is random and could include: gerber daisies, alstromelias, lilies, roses and / or other flowers which are in season, and subjected to availability. If you would prefer specific tropical and / or imported flowers and / or specific color(s), please note an additional charge applies. You can review this directly with your Signature Wedding Designer.

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