Hello Ana Maria, I just wanted to send a thank you for all of your help in the planning of our wedding! Everything was flawless and we had such an amazing time on our special day. Thanks again for all of your assistance and patience through our planning process! Thanks, Christina Abramczyk

El Dorado Royale

Hi Martha,
We've just arrived back from Mexico and just wanted to let you know we had an amazing time and the perfect wedding day!
Thank you for all your help organising the day everything went smoothly and even better than we expected, everything went well the photographers were amazing and the flowers and cake were exceptional, the organisation at the hotel when we arrived was seamless and we felt comfortable everything would be fine right from the very first meeting! We wouldn't hesitate recommending yourselves to others when organising a wedding!

So thanks again
Lloyd and Ashleigh Chapman

El Dorado Seaside Suites

Perry and I arrived home from Riviera Maya just a few days ago and cannot stop talking abut how beautiful and perfect our trip and wedding was. Everything went very smoothly, and turned out perfectly. We loved the resort so so much. Everyone was incredibly friendly, the rooms and ocean views breathtaking, and the food fantastic. Adriana was our wedding coordinator and was just fabulous. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her and how hard she and her entire team worked to ensure everything went smoothly. She definitely went above in beyond coordinating logistics for our guests and ensuring the decorations and food were perfect. It rained on our wedding day (which was just fine as Perry reminded me it rained the night we met and the night he proposed!), and the rain back-up plan was wonderful. I could not be happier and everything was just gorgeous. Thank you to both of you for working so hard to ensure our entire wedding party had a wonderful experience. Our guests raved about the trip, the resort, the wedding, etc. Perry and I definitely plan to return for our one year anniversary. This was something we will remember for the rest of our lives with the fondest of memories. We would do it all over again!! Thank you so much!!

El Dorado Seaside Suites

Claudia hello! I wanted to share with you photos from our wedding. We also wanted to thank you for helping us make our wedding the best day ever! Well best week! Everything was perfect we had a pleasure working with you and look forward to visiting eldorado again. Enjoy!

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Our wedding travel agent, Sherryl Dabbs, has asked us to send a testimonial of our wedding experience. Our names are Kevin and Jami-Lynn Lamy and we are from Monson, Massachusetts. We had our wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico at the El Dorado Casitas Royale Resort.

We had many relatives and friends that did not understand why we wanted a destination wedding. They are used to the traditional way of doing things and felt we may have been asking too much of our guests. We knew that we would not be asking too much if we made the experience worth every penny - so that is what we did. We both have huge families and we did not want a huge wedding...we wanted something intimate and we knew this was our best chance at getting that. I think the biggest thing to remember when deciding on where to get married is "What do YOU want." I am a people-pleaser and struggled with the concept of maybe upsetting friends and family members by having a destination wedding - but I remembered to keep asking "What do WE want." I promised myself that for my wedding - for once in my life - I would be selfish and do what I wanted to do; after all, I knew that no matter where I chose to get married, someone would be unhappy with our decision anyway, so why not have our dream wedding?! Well that is exactly what we did - we had our dream wedding!

I never use the word "perfect" but, in this case, "perfect" doesn't even touch our wedding experience! We had many people who came as friends, but we all truly left as family. Something magical happened when we were there...I know it sounds cheesy, but it is true. Kevin and I wrote our own vows and everyone cried...including every adult man. Guests that had relationship problems left Mexico rekindled. My Memere is at the age where she will not be traveling any longer - she had the most amazing time of her life and continues to talk about her experience and is so thrilled that this was the best trip of her life. During our wedding reception, the Mexican workers became friends and family as they danced the night away with us. We had about 5 groups of different friends that never really talked and they all left as 1 big group of friends. My brother had never flown and was very nervous to go to Mexico. To make it worse he gets extreme motion sickness. On the way down to Mexico, he was so sick from flying that he was in his room for almost 2 solid days. His exact words: "I would go through being THAT sick all over again on the flight down, and back, if I had to - just to come back to this place. I am 40 years old and just had the time of my life!" Everyone was truly filled with love and happiness. Literally, not 1 person left disappointed. The cleanliness of the rooms was amazing, the shuttle drivers had great sense of humor and became "friends" with us and we truly miss them, we did not eat one piece of food that wasn't delicious, service was outstanding and the whole overall experience is unforgettable. We enjoyed the amazing spa services, we snorkeled, jet skied, swam with dolphins for a half of a day, went on an excursion to see a Cenote, went to the city of Valladolid, went to a tequila museum, and to Chichen Itza (One of the new wonders of the world). On every vacation, we are always ready to come home. We were in Mexico for 12 days and 11 nights and did NOT want to leave, in fact, we still feel like we could go outside and lay by the pool even though we came home to a legitimate Nor'easter...we just cannot disconnect. A group of us are already planning our trip back for next year!

From a wedding planning perspective, it was almost stress-free! We had our own travel agent, and our own wedding planner, and they absolutely amazing and thorough. I am a very detail-oriented person so I crossed every "t" and dotted every "i" and I think that is very important. I also highly recommend having at least a year to allow you and your guests to plan/save for your wedding. You get what you put into it and I communicated heavily with our guests throughout the whole process. This paid off tenfold. We ran into a couple issues, 1 with the wedding contract and 1 with our wedding ceremony site; however, please do not let this discourage you as both were appropriately handled and all parties were pleased with the results! Simply put, we would do it all over again! Even my in-laws want to get their vows renewed there soon! :)

I have attached some pictures as well - if you need more, or any pictures from excursions, or whatever, please let me know!

Love & Light,

Jami-Lynn & Kevin

El Dorado Casitas Royale
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