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You can have a perfect timeline, be organised a year in advance and read all the wedding blogs you want, but the success of your wedding day comes down to a few key ingredients being prepared to perfection. The secret recipe to enjoying a successful wedding reception is combining a few things in such a way that it suits you, your partner and your guests.

Secret ingredient : A relaxed bride in wedding reception

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If you’re worried about how certain details will pan out, or you feel stressed about reciting your vows, it’ll show. You’ll be tense and instead of relaxing and enjoying the moment, you’ll be wanting the next thing over so you can get another thing checked off the list.

Bear in mind the wedding party and wedding guests feed off your vibe, so if you’re stressed out, tense and anxious then your guests will notice.  Here are some pointers to stay calm:

• Start your wedding planning off on the right foot, with a wedding planning diary to keep track of your bookings.  Check off tasks as you do them and keep everything in one place

• Delegate wedding day set up to a trusted friend, or pay a wedding coordinator if you’re really wound up. Hiring a coordinator isn’t a stupid idea even if you’re not that wound up.  It allows your friends to relax and enjoy the day as guests.

• Double check bookings. If you’re worried about vendors flaking, first of all – make sure you hire reputable, experienced vendors. Check online reviews and regularly talk through your plans so that you are all on the same page. Ring them rather than waiting for an email, then if you want to be super-sure, follow up with an email so everything is in writing. The devil is in the detail!

Secret ingredient 2: Happy guests

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Everyone likes to trot out the “it’s your day, do what you want, you’re all that matters” but frankly, that’s lazy advice. Your guests are giving up a day and have possibly spent a lot of money on travel, accommodation, babysitters, a gift, and an outfit. So you need to keep them happy. Here’s a few tips on how:

• Food. Enough food and the right sort… there’s nothing worse than going to a wedding and having to go through Macca’s drive through on your way home. Gather dietary requirements from guests when they RSVP. That way those guests who have special diets are looked after. Thinking the vegetarian can just eat the green salad on the buffet is unfair. Any pregnant guests may also need special options prepared – food that’s off limits: smoked deli meats and cheese (i.e. nibbles/platters), raw fish, raw eggs (traditionally prepared mayo and aioli), sushi, pate or terrine.

• Good entertainment. What will you provide for your guest’s entertainment? Lawn games, a few drinks, maybe some Mexican music? Good music gives atmosphere and something to do (dance!). Bad music can drive everyone outside or towards the bar.

Secret ingredient 3: An amazing Wedding atmosphere

The last two secret ingredients contribute to the atmosphere of your wedding.  But another big player is the venue (or venues, if you get married at one spot then move to another for the reception). Having a wedding venue that’s special gives your wedding day a magical touch and is the biggest contributor to the atmosphere your wedding day will have.

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Here are some tips for finding a venue that’ll blow your guests away:

• Awesome staff. You want people who are unobtrusive, helpful and experienced. Someone who does whatever needs to be done, without a fuss. The biggest example of when your venue’s experience will be important is when there’s a problem.  If they can think quickly, creatively and act calmly, you’ve picked a winner.

• A beautiful aesthetic.  Generally a beautiful outlook and stylish venue will cost a little more than something plain and utilitarian.  But you’ll save time and money as it doesn’t need any decorating.

Using these three secret ingredients (a relaxed bride, happy guests and an amazing atmosphere) you can use them as a framework for making decisions about your day. Then finally ask yourself, will it make me more relaxed? will it make the guests happy? will it add to the atmosphere?

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