Usually during the wedding preparation is a tradition to make a rehearsal dinner one or two days before the “big day”. In the past, it was part of the wedding organization, the last details checking, but nowadays has become a family reunion before the wedding day. If you chose a destination wedding, you’re probably wondering, “should I make the rehearsal dinner with my tiny guest list? yes, why not? keep going with this traditional event that gives you the opportunity to pass a lovely dinner with your family and friends.

Now, when you are totally convinced to do it, we’ll give you a couple tips to make you have the best rehearsal dinner before you say “I do”.


Small gathering

One of the principal benefits to choose a destination wedding is that you don’t have to invite a bunch of people to your event. Therefore you aren’t forced to offer a big dinner. The purpose to make this celebration or brunch is to have a great time with your loved ones.

Get rid of the formalities 

With destination weddings is useless to spend money and time making a formal rehearsal dinner. It’s better if you invest that money on your wedding details or your honeymoon. Make it less serious and have funny moments with your family and friends.

 It doesn’t have to be dinner 

Just like we mentioned in the last point, you don’t have to make something too formal or elegant, it doesn’t matter if is a dinner, brunch or BBQ day. The major point of this event is to make great memories before the big day. 

Include it your wedding planning 

Good way to save some money is including your rehearsal dinner in your destination wedding package. Otherwise you should make it by your own, and it could be overpriced as you imagined. Also you can request your wedding planner to make the event in one of the venues chosen in your wedding plan.

Take advantage of paradise

Most of the destination weddings take place in paradisiacal places like the Riviera Maya, so you just need to enjoy the spot along your wedding planning. Additionally, you can make also your rehearsal dinner at the beach or have a brunch day just in front of the Caribbean.

Now you are completely prepared to have a great rehearsal dinner and to wait for the wedding day. If you want to know more tips or advantages for your wedding planning, we invite you to continue reading our blog.


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